Food Heaven In The Hills! ️

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Food Heaven In The Hills! ️

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Dharamshala is A food heaven!

I had an absolutely wonderful tie roaming around in a rented moped, enjoying the fabulous weather and trying all of the below mentioned food and more :D

Apologise if I’ve pronounced some of the names wrong :(

1. Pork Phing Thang - INR 239++
2. Pork Shoptalk Dry - INR 369++

The Divine Hima
1. Himachali Thali with Mutton (Kangri Dham)- INR 650++

Kalimpong Restaurant
1. Mutton Momos - INR 120

Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant
1. Miso Soup - INR 60++
2. Kakiage Egg Don - INR 200++

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#dham #himachalithali #tibetanfood #tibetan #tibet #momos #mountainfood #shaptak #phingthang #kakiage #miso #japanesefood

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